Essential-M™ - Harness the Mysterious Power of - "The Tree of Immortality"

Potent moringa extract provides you with an optimal mix of 92 nutrients and 46 anti-oxidants that deliver to you:

  • Long-lasting energy boost
  • Supercharge your metabolism and help strip-off unwanted pounds
  • Improve focus, concentration and memory
  • Enhance cellular regeneration that shields you from over 300 diseases
  • ZERO caffeine, taurine or other jittery, amphetamine-like substances

What is Essential-M™?

A Fast, Safe and Effective Way To Take Your Energy To New Heights While Gaining The Perfect Health You Desire

Essential-M™ is the world’s finest energy booster that is especially designed to do two things:

  1. Give your body all the nutrients, vitamins and mineral it needs to boost energy levels and...
  2. Flood your cells with an abundance of natural anti-oxidants and potent nutrients that help you deal with more than 300 diseases...

It’s so potent because of the 100% pure-natural extract of moringa oleifera. This ONE plant is so jam-packed with healthy nutrients that even the National Institute of Health called it “the plant of the year”.

Here's how it works:


Your body needs key nutrients in order to have plenty of energy to steamroll through your day and still have enough fuel in the tank when evening comes.

The sad truth is that over the last 50 years Americans have unknowingly suffered from “Nutrient Robbery” due to the underhanded and dangerous practices of Big Agricultural giants and our government.

Because of this we now have 38% less proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins and other vital nutrients in the foods we eat. A fact made painfully clear by a study conducted by The Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

And this doesn’t just affect your energy levels, it also affects your health, because diseases appear when the body is weakened by stress, pollution, medication and doesn’t have the crucial nutrients it needs to fight back.

Now, in order to fix this nutrient deficit and gain the energy, vitality and health you desire and deserve, Essential-M™ gives you:

  • 25 times more iron than spinach...
  • 15 times more potassium than bananas...
  • 9 times more protein than yogurt...
  • 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots...
  • 12 times more Vitamin C than oranges...
  • 17 times more calcium than milk...

Essential-M™ Succeeds Where All Others Fail


Most of the formulas out there use synthetic, caffeine-filled, amphetamine-like substances to leave you more drained when their effect wears-off. They don’t provide you with crucial nutrients that play a key role in your body’s own energy production.

All they do is give you jitters and hyper-active without any real health benefits. And most of these substances are addictive and quite dangerous for your health.

Take caffeine for instance. Caffeine found in energy drinks, coffee, sodas, teas or energy pills is in fact a pesticide. It’s a harmful chemical the coffee tree makes in order to paralyze and kill insects.

A study published this February shows that caffeine diminishes blood flow to the brain by 45%. They also shown that since caffeine is a toxin, the energy boost and mental awareness you get from it, is in fact your own body's fight of flight response kicking in.

Because it feels attacked by this toxin this sends your whole body into unnecessary overdrive depleting you of even more energy. That's why when the toxin is finally flushed from your system you get that energy slump.

It's also the reason you might feel the need to go to the bathroom after a cup of Joe. Because that's how your body flushes toxins out.

Due to extensive research and the firm understanding of the similarities between nature and the human body we have created a natural product that targets the root cause of energy-deficiency while delivering to you a host of unique health benefits:

  • Revitalize your whole body and infuse you with unbridled energy and vitality
  • Shield your internal organs at a cellular level and slow down the aging process
  • Help you avoid or deal with over 300 diseases
  • Swift repair of all the damage and protect your DNA from harmful free radicals
  • Enjoy a laser focus and deeper concentration
  • Lift your mood and ensure you keep a positive attitude all day long
  • Boost your brain power and gain a razor-sharp memory

Why can Essential-M™ make such bold claims? It’s because of “The Wonder Plant” Moringa


Moringa oleifera is a true masterpiece designed by Mother Nature and it contains key organic nutrients that have been specifically designed to help you energize, detoxify and infuse health into every cell of your body.

It still remains a real mystery to the general public, even though it has over 1,473 scientific studies proving its amazing health benefits. Its nutrient make-up is so outstanding that The National Institute of Health acknowledged that:

“Perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major health issues and provide for many unmet human needs.”

Each serving of just 2 veggie capsules gives you:

  • 296% more than the daily recommendation of Magnesium, which plays a key role in your body's ability to produce energy and also reverses and prevents osteoporosis, supports healthy blood pressure levels, prevents hypertension, reduces stress and helps you sleep peacefully
  • 2016% more Vitamin A which helps keep your skin velvet-smooth and your vision laser sharp
  • 736% more Vitamin B-6 a crucial ally in the fight against joint pain, clogged blood vessels and mental decline
  • The 9 vital amino-acids that your body needs to survive and an additional 11 that your body can't make yet it desperately needs in order to thrive
  • 408% more Vitamin B-2 which plays a major role in energy production by regulating thyroid activity. It also protects your nervous system and your brain from debilitating conditions. And alongside Vitamin B-6 is effective in treating the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Essential-M™ transforms your body and helps bring back your youthful health and stamina.

Essential-M™ is created right here in the US in a GMP certified and FDA approved manufacturing company from high quality pure moringa extract that has been carefully selected and is GMO-Free, gluten-free and heavy metals free.

This allows you to charge through your day without the need to reach for a fattening soda or a jittery drink and the results come fast too.

In fact many members report that they noticed a significant boost in energy after just 3-4 days of taking Essential-M™. And that's downright incredible, especially since they are seeing these results and experiencing this transformation without changing their diet or lifestyle.

And that’s not all!

Because Essential-M is made from high-quality moringa oleifera extract it acts as a metabolism booster so you can effortlessly burn fat and trim inches off your waist line fast and easy.

This is possible because moringa provides your metabolic furnace - your thyroid - with crucial nutrients that ensure you get a jumpstart on your way to fitting in those skinny jeans.

That’s why for many Essential-M is much more that an energy booster, it’s a weight loss supplement.

And they also feel a surge of health coursing through their whole body.

What Are People Saying About Essential-M™?

June B

“I am a 76 year old woman, still working fulltime, and have been taking this supplement for over a year. Speaking for myself, I have experienced fewer Fibromyalgia symptoms, more energy and, "knock on wood", have not had the cold or flu even when my coworkers have come to work when sick. I have not experienced any negative side effects, just a whole lot of positive benefits."

June B
Martin B

“I cannot believe the difference after about 3 weeks of using Essential-M™. Fantastic product. It has made such a difference. I am getting up in the morning before the alarm feeling rested and full of energy!!”

Martin B
Celia D

“I’ve been taking Essential-M™ for two month's now I've been taking two capsules in the morning. My skin looks amazing and I’ve seen an incredible increase in energy and overall health thanks!!”

Celia D
Ana C

“Provides all-day energy without the crash. Definitely helps with digestion.”

Ana C
Harvey S

“This product is a win. It is all natural and organic and I can eliminate a lot of the supplements that I now take. Easy to carry with me when I need to take a few.”

Harvey S
Mark J

“Wow, amazing product! Within 2 days I can feel a difference.  I am 54 and have been working since 14 back in them days life was easier as in getting a job. At the age of 54 now I wake up and don't want to go work. I was losing all my energy my bones hurt, my life force in general was leaving me and I had no control over it. Since I have been taking Essential-M™ I feel great, revived, and able to keep working without a break for 8-10 hours. You are like the fountain of cure, the reviving light. Without this product I would be totally wore down to a point of quitting work and maybe life.”

Mark J

Try Essential-M™ Risk Free!

Essential-M™ is guaranteed to naturally boost your energy fast. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, simply return all the bottles you ordered (both used and unused) within 60 days, for a full refund (excluding shipping), no questions asked!


Here are the most common questions I receive about Essential-M™, and the answers to help you out:

Question 1: How does the Essential-M™ work? Can you explain it again?

Can I take Essential-M™ even if I have allergies or if I currently use other supplements?

Question 3: Why haven't I heard of Essential-M™ before?

Question 4: Who is Essential-M™ for?

Question 5: How long does it really take to get results?

Question 6: What are the terms of that guarantee that you've mentioned?

Question 7: How long will this program be available to the public?

Question 8: How do I get Essential-M™?

Question 9: Will my details be secure?

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